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What’s the Materials for Lifeguard Straw Hats?


Common fibers are:
1.Wheat straw: The straw that remains after the grain has been harvested. Traditionally, it is considered a waste product. In some countries, farmers burn it, causing air pollution and endangering public health. However, the straw is still valuable.

2.Raffia: Raffia straws are made by stripping the long, needle-like leaves of Raffia palm trees. Each of its leaves can grow up to 80 feet long. As a result, hats made from Raffia straws are almost always woven from a single light brown thread.

3.Seagrass: It is made from yarn spun from the dried leaves of seagrass plants, which grow in shallow Marine waters around the world. It is not a true grass, but its leaves are long and flat, like blades, so the name has stuck.

4.Rush straw: Natural Rush is woven from the hand twisted leaves of marshland bullrush plants or cattails.

5.Hollow grass: Another name for hollow grass is Juncus effusus. Emergent plant found in paddy fields, pools, and swamps. It is a natural crop, environmentally friendly and breathable, and the price is economical.

6.Mat straw: The grass (Nardus stricta) is an annual herb with blue-green leaves. It blooms in summer with straw-colored spikes. It forms bundles and colonizes as it grows with potential invasiveness. It is not grazed by livestock or other wild animals. It usually grows along river banks and ditches.

7.Paper straw: The paper straw is made of 100% paper,usually make paper straw braid, paper cloth.. The paper straw price usually will be stable, it will not affected by seasons like other natural straw.

Our lifeguard straw sun hat is casual and suitable for everyday wear. It's perfect for anything outside in the sun, such as camping, fishing, doing yard work or just hanging around.
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