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How To Clean Straw Hats?


Straw hat material is mostly plant fiber, easy to be damp, extrusion deformation. Extra fine woven straw hat is more easily damaged and deformed when stored improperly. Therefore, straw hats should be treated with extreme caution. As a professional straw hat factory, we often encounter such a problem: how to clean the straw hat correctly? Before cleaning straw hats, we need to check hats as below 2 steps.

What to do before you get started clean straw hats ?

1.Check hat label

Most hats come with washing instructions, either on the label or printed on the inside. Be sure to read the care label to find out the best way to clean it.

2.Check the dyeing of the hat

To make sure the hat won't fade during the cleaning process, dip a white cloth in warm water and rub it over a small area of the hat with a damp cloth. If any dye comes off the wet cloth, the dye on the hat is unstable and should not be washed with water

After check straw hats, we will be start to clean straw hats as below 6 stepts.

How to clean straw hats ?

Step 1: Remove hat decoration

Strings, ribbons, buttons, or other ornaments often held in place by craft silk can be easily removed from a straw hat. But if it's sewn with thread, then you don't have to take it off.

Step 2 : Dip a clean dish cloth into the water that has been filled with detergent

Fill a birdbath with lukewarm water, add a little mild dish soap, and mix well until frothy. Then soak the clean dishcloth in water. When the dishcloth is full, remove it and wring it out.

Step 3: Wipe the straw hat with a damp dish cloth

Wipe the outside of the hat with a dish cloth and re-dip it if it gets too dry to make sure there is enough water to wipe the hat.

Step 4: Wipe away any residual dish soap

Use another damp cloth to wipe off any remaining dish soap, noting that the cloth is soaked in clean water, not the water that just contained the dish soap. Do not wipe the straw hat wet, otherwise it will easily cause shrinkage.

Step 5: Put the hat over the die to dry

The die keeps the hat in its original shape. If you don't have a hat mold, spread the hat out, stuff it with an old towel, and lay it flat in the sun instead of hanging it to dry

Step6: Reductive decoration

Once the hat has dried and sprayed with styling spray, you can return the ornament to its original position.

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